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Breathe In


Our retreats:


Breathe In, Hike Out

Hike & meditate in italy


Jamu from above

Breathe In, Surf Out

surf & meditate on sri lanka

february 2019


Breathe In, Ski Out

Ski & meditate in the italian alps

April 2019

Breathe In's retreats are meditation and adventure trips.

The Breathe In retreats are for anyone who wants to travel and discover the present moment. It doesn't matter if you've ever meditated, hiked, surfed or skied before. Or equally, if you are an experienced meditator, hiker, skier or surfer. Breathe In is for everyone and we hope you find an adventure that fits you! Check out each trip page and don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions. 

Hope to see you on an adventure soon! 


The philosophy of Breathe In


An inner adventure

It's always now. Nothing is more important to understand than this if we want to be happy. The best moments in your life have one thing in common. You were completely present, without being lost in thoughts about the past or the future. Even though on an intellectual level we understand this simple truth, we tend not to live it. It's not because we don't want to - it's because it's difficult. But to stay present and mindful is a skill, and like any other skill, we can practise becoming better at it. We have found three paths that help us to live more present lives - nature, meditation and adventure. Our mission is to discover the present moment, and we believe that this journey is life's biggest adventure. 



Nature is always present. Majestic, beautiful and home. It's no coincidence that many of our life's favourite moments have offered us nothing more than nature itself. Nature always reminds us that our lives are unfolding, right here and right now.



If you want to understand your mind, sit down and observe it. Meditation is a practice in awareness that helps us to discover the present moment. We'll learn that we are not our thoughts or feelings, but instead, we can just experience them. Meditation is merely training your mind. 



Your pulse rises, your breathing becomes heavier, and everything around you fades away. Adventures take us to a place of immense concentration, also known as flow. A place where neither the past nor the future exists. Only the present moment - where we live our life to the fullest.